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AIP for the career development of a broad space. Because AIP has been the world UNESCO, the Hong Kong Educational Evaluation Agency, the U.S. International Association of Certified Practitioners, Entrepreneurs Association and a number of global certification and accreditation authorities. World-renowned multinational companies, such as: Dell, Procter & Gamble, Boeing - McDonnell Douglas and so many employees received the AIP certification. Thus, by the AIP certification, it means that to get world wide recognition. Certificate of very high gold content, as follows:

(1) world-wide career opportunities. Certification by the AIP, will also get global recognition. AIP through well-developed information network, the global multinational companies to provide free recruitment information release, to make their own personal login to the field of cross-border international talent possible.

(2) to improve the competitiveness of professional positions. Various multinational companies, global organizations are flooding into the domestic, out of labor costs, level of understanding and other environmental considerations, hiring local talent to become the first choice. These multinational corporations, institutions to recognize and understand the majority of AIP certification system, the first certified by the AIP, it means that the possession of the first move.

(3) to facilitate graduate education. After AIP certified personal, career-related courses have learned more by national colleges, academic and professional certification to go the road of combining, but also personal development as an option.

(4) to provide broad information platform and member networking opportunities. AIP with more than 20,000 individual members and corporate members throughout the world and include government departments, universities, research institutions, enterprises and experts worldwide well-known partners, through mutual exchanges, we can get a lot of valuable information.

(5) to go abroad to participate in international competition to increase the competitiveness of enterprises through the AIP professional system certification, and receive a certificate to prove that individuals with international professional standards and obtain professional qualifications (the United States and North America, Europe, Middle East and other regions).