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certification application

Preliminary requirements for disclosure of information

AIP are required to declare an international professional certification industry associations to submit the following materials:

Original and copy of valid documents.

Original and a copy of diploma (students in providing original and copy of student ID).

Students in a collective enrollment, student cards do not have to but do not provide a copy, in accordance with the format required attachments, print business cards stamped with the school (colleges, departments) seal.

C, the other as an application for registration AIP international professional certification based on international professional personnel certificate or certificate and a copy of the original.

D, 4 photos, along with digital photos. Requirements within the past 3 months a small two

inch color ID photos, blue background, no border, front

photos, hat, no headgear. Do not the uniforms, often wearing glasses should be worn glasses.

Digital photo format, and pixel size requirements:

JPEG format (ie, the extension "jpg" or "jpeg")

567 × 390 pixels (high 567 pixels wide and 390 pixels in size small two-inch ID photos)

100KB or less, resolution 300dpi .

Digital photos and photo paper for the same floor.

E, a written application form

Submit a copy of the above provisions in accordance with, the applicant shall sign a copy of a copy of conformity with the original statement, and endorsement date.

Copies are required to use A4 paper, and to ensure clear and copying.

Examination Center to AIP international professional certification of information submitted by industry associations headquarters

Declaration to fill out the application form.

Filers identity documents, copies of academic certificates, a small hat size according to four two-inch documents.

More information scanned and electronic photos.

The applicant's electronic batch form of a summary.

Scan should be clear, according to the size of the original, no more than A4 size, cutting to provide, the size of each scan no more than 500K.