Bill Dan Courtney (Bill Danko McCartney): The United States, in December 2008 as the global art AIP Certification Operations Center president.1967 graduate of Gordon University, and PhD research by arts and culture, rich in cultural and artistic fields of training and identification of experience, currently in American culture and art exchange center worked to promote cultural exchange, Art made a great deal of effective training work.





Gilman Jeffrey Michael (Jeffrey): United States, graduated from Belford University with a doctorate in physical education, athletic and artistic current AIP global president of sports operations center.Very love sports, arts sports teaching and research, through 20 years of teaching, research and practice have developed their own unique set of teaching, research style, to promote global development of competitive sports and the arts.




James ElF (James • Iraq Buddha): The United States, Syracuse University (Syracuse University), ProfessorCo-founder of Educational Technology, Teaching Information Resource Center Information Technology Data Exchange Center founder, internationally renowned scholar of educational technology, a former director of American Education Association, has received the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, the three major awards --- International Award, Outstanding Service Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award, enjoyed widespread influence in the international academic community and a very high reputation in education technology, history, definitions and philosophical research pioneer and one of the leaders.



Thomp (Thompson): University of Georgia (UGA), Professor, Educational Technology, a renowned scholar. UGA laboratory learning and performance support the person in charge. Previously, he was at Florida State University (FSU) of the teaching system worked.Thomp's research interests focus on the development and testing of student-centered learning environment design framework, especially for those with open interest in the learning environment design framework, the current AIP Global Learning and Performance Assessment Center.





M Duffy (non-DU): Florida State University professor of education system. Research and teaching focused on supporting exploration and problem-solving learning environment design, focused on people based on cognitive science research to learn how to design distance education environment.Main research direction is how to use technology to support university education and training after the inquiry learning. The project is hosted on AIP's online career development system that provides high-quality online learning experiences to help teachers learn to use technology to support students in the classroom to explore learning and problem-solving ability.




Richey (Ritchie), California Institute of Technology vocational education and distance vocational education program coordinator, Professor Rich's research interests and teaching focus on the design of vocational education, vocational education, instructional technology research and development, vocational education and vocational education sector performance evaluation Analysis of the field.AIP is currently Minister of the global development of vocational education, vocational education system to promote standardization efforts in the global spread and development.