About AIP

About AIP


International Profession Certification Association (referred to as AIP), based in Washington, DC, Far Eastern operations center in Hong Kong, China, exam testing center is located in one of China's four municipalities of Chongqing, China's three major state-level development zones The two rivers. Association of globalization, specialization and standardization of non-profit professional organization. AIP is currently in the United States around the world (USA), Australia (Australia), Brunei (Brunei Darrusalam) Canada (Canada), China (China), Chile (Chile), Indonesia (Indonesia), Japan (Japan) South Korea (Korea ), Malaysia (Malaysia), Mexico (Mexico), New Zealand (New Zealand), Philippines (The Philippines), Singapore (Singapore), Chinese Taipei (Chinese Taipei), Thailand (Thailand), Vietnam (Vietnam), Russia (Russia) nearly 60 member states and other agencies.

AIP is a global international authoritative professional certification body, the world's most authoritative core of the most important international professional certification organization, whose main function in the various sectors and areas of the world's government agencies, enterprises, organizations and individuals to provide professional certification and accreditation services. Represents today the highest international level of professional certification, has been widely recognized around the world. Broad international representation and international authority. AIP has been the establishment of numerous international certification and accreditation authorities. Such as the World UNESCO, the Hong Kong Education Department evaluation, certification of International Education Association of the United States, the world's Entrepreneurs Association and a number of certification and accreditation authorities.

Currently, AIP has been in many countries and regions of the certification business in Asia, Europe, Africa and America is responsible for regional training and certification. Reached the international certificate of globalization, specialization and serialization. International trade association dedicated to professional certification for government agencies, enterprises, institutions and individuals to provide authoritative, internationally accepted certification system of professional fields to help enterprises better selection, excellent professional training, specialized international standard composite Talent, leading the individual along the correct path forward in the international professional field. Those who pass the evaluation test after the AIP, which marks a key factor to success in life has been established! Icing on the cake for the winners, excellence, as employed even more powerful, quickly cast brilliant life! Let your career is always a meteoric rise! AIP the gold brand, worldwide, industry recognition of your success, brilliant golden key! Your career prosper, inexhaustible source of eternal Apprentice.

AIP certification programs currently offered by dozens of series, and another yet to be developed and promoted dozens of series. Each series is divided into three levels of certification, namely "early" class (such as "Primary Trainer"), "medium" level (such as "mid-level trainers"), "high" level (such as "Advanced Trainer") The "early" entry-level professional knowledge is related to test that applies to students in institutions of higher learning related professional training, certification; "in the" level and "high" level is based on relevant professional knowledge has a certain development , joined the case studies and practical exercises, etc., apply to the relevant in-service staff training, certification. AIP can be used as the employer in the recruitment recruitment, appraisal, promotion, promotion of an important basis, while a declaration of title of the assessment, vocational qualifications, registration and other important basis for registration.

All AIP certificate, professional certification by the International Association stamp stamp, and registration, permanent query. Permanent.